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Business evaluation

Buyer Persona

Pilot Project

  • Choose the right Marketing Automation platform for your needs
  • Isolate one business area or product
  • Calculate ROI
  • Create a more efficient sales process
  • Transform your leads into customers
  • Get personal 
  • Align marketing with sales 
  • Better segmentation 
  • Customer insights
  • Gain knowledge and experience from a professional CRO
  • Save time and recourses and get results in 1-3 months instead of 7-12 months

You present your business, challenges, resources, budget and roadmap to give us the insight we need to build the best possible case for your business.

We carry out a workshop identifying your buyer persona together with marketing and sales.  

We can further compliment this workshop with the customer retention and development department as a next step.

The CRO will lead this pilot project for you in an agile way to create a MVP result for you to take further actions on.

We analyse and discuss the best solution for your business, create a business case custom made for you, provide you with a strategy and a ROI calculation. 

Use this to implement your self or use our experienced recourses. 

A certified CRO will cary you through the questions you have to ask your organisation and moderate the strategic foundation as a third party delivering strategic conclusions for an aligned common goal between marketing and sales.

You will get a dedicated CRO to get you going in one to three months with your marketing automation program. You will get a landing page and a web form for your chosen service or product. You will get a sorted lists with hot qualified leads for the sales team to call on. This will result in more qualified leads, shorter sales cycles and no more cold calls.