Six Reasons to Record Calls


Recently, governments’ use of call recording is a hot topic in the world news.  Because of this negative attention, many SMBs and enterprises have been reluctant to implement (or upgrade) their call recording technology, even though recent improvements in call recording can benefit their business operations, improve their customers’ overall experience and better protect everyone in our overly litigious society.   This goes far beyond the simple process of recording a call for later review.  New technology allows automated transcription, indexing and storage of recording conversations to make the content more actionable.  Other technologies can analyze audio (both in real-time and a part of post call analysis) to determine the mood, stress level and satisfaction of both parties in a call. 

All of this needs to be done without impacting the quality of the call or the overall reliability of the communications system. 

This paper examines six reasons why SMBs and enterprises should be implementing call recording solutions and the overall systemic and regulatory issues of implementing or upgrading this technology.

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Call Recording
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