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How I Can Help You Recover From Anorexia 


Are you ready to start your journey towards recovery, maybe you've tried in the past but you find yourself struggling again, or maybe you're not sure there's any point and nothing can change anyway?  No matter what your story, I can help.

I know all about this as I had those thoughts too but I have learned that recovery is less to do with what we weigh and what we eat, and more to do with how our mind thinks. 

The only way to ever feel comfortable with how you look and to even start to love and appreciate your body is to change how you think and feel about yourself.  And that's not going to come if you continue living your life with Ana.  Let's face it, you've probably been living with her for years, has she helped you become a confident person who is totally happy with life?  No, I thought not.  She didn't help me in that way either.

Recovery to me, is about:

Does this sound good to you?  Is this where you'd like to be?  I can help you get there.

It's a pretty big step getting help, and it's scary, and you're filled with all sorts of fears about letting go of control and "what if's" about the approach and the person you'll be working with.

By downloading this webinar you get an introduction to me and my approach, so there are no surprises and you can feel more confident beforehand.  Hopefully what I've got to say will make sense, will give you hope, and you can feel more comfortable taking the next step. 

In this Webinar you'll learn: